Kayaking Courses

When you enrol with us, you get access to a variety of different classes and topics while being supported by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced coaches around.

Find My Level

L1 – Discover 

This will be your first time in a kayak. You don’t need to be sporty or adventurous; you don’t even need to be particularly confident in the water for this level. Our team will show you all there is to know about sea kayaking and help you find what really makes it fun!

PUK Equivalent: Paddle Start/Discover

L2 – Introduction  

If you’re an outdoors-y person who wants to go on adventures in a kayak, this course is perfect for you! You may have some experience with kayaking or water sports such as sailing, surfing, or river kayaking and are looking to increase your skill level.

PUK Equivalent: Paddle Explore

L3 – Intermediate 

Your passion for kayaking has spurred you to learn all about sea kayaks, from logistics and safety to tips for efficient paddling. You’re comfortable paddling at upwind speeds of four knots, or 5 miles per hour.

PUK Equivalent: Sea Kayak Award

L4 – Advanced 

You should be an active and experienced sea paddler; over the years you should have undertaken some longer and more challenging expeditions. You should already have the ability to be an active part of the group and know how to help others if they get into difficulty. You should already be able to roll or self-rescue. We will be looking for conditions where you can test your skills so you will get the most out of the course if you are keen to challenge yourself. You should be happy in Force 4+ conditions and launching/landing through surf. 

PUK Equivalent: Coastal Sea Kayak Award

IMPORTANT: Our groups are small and coaches will always focus on you as an individual. No matter what course you are on, we will always help you develop the skills and knowledge that you need. 

What Do I Get From A Course?

We tailor each course to your individual needs, but things you can expect are:

  • Explore and enjoy a world-class venue for Sea Kayaking
  • Learn the skills that will help you plan your own trips
  • Top UK coaches, helping you get the most from your experience
  • Small groups and a large selection of Kayaks and Personal Kit


Included with all of our courses is the internationally recognised Paddle UK (formerly British Canoeing) Paddle Start Certificate. You can receive this, free of charge, as a digital PDF certificate direct from Paddle UK. Higher level, PUK Paddle Awards are available on all of our courses if you meet the required skill criteria.  

The Groups

To ensure you get lots of personal attention and coaching we have a maximum Coach/Client ratio of 1:6. You can expect to meet likeminded people with a passion for the outdoors.

Our experienced instructors love showing newcomers how much fun kayaking can be. They’ll teach you everything you need to know while making sure you’re having an enjoyable time!

Equipment & Facilities

A choice of  Sea Kayak’s for your use. We also have a large range of Paddles, Buoyancy aids, Cags, Spray decks, Charts, VHF Radios and a range of personal safety equipment for you to try out. Our waterfront location is right by the water and we have toilets and secure storage facilities here. For chart work on wild winter days, we have a comfortable classroom at the kayak base. 

2 Day – Vs – 5 Day Courses

Our standard 2-day course is packed full of information and top coaching that will help you learn new skills and gain knowledge. You will get to enjoy the classic Sea Kayaking on offer around Dorset. On our 5-day course, you will do a deep dive into the world of Sea Kayaking. You will get to plan trips and launch from a variety of remote locations. Every day is a unique experience that you will remember for years to come.    


For those looking for an internationally recognised professional Coaching or Leadership Qualification, we run a range of Paddle UK (formerly British Canoeing) training and assessment qualifications. We also run PUK Discipline Specific Personal Performance Awards.