Paddle Boarding Trips (SUP)

Weymouth & Portland offers adventurous people and nature enthusiasts alike a multitude of SUP opportunities, set in the heart of the Jurassic coast. A SUP is the perfect way to experience what this region has to offer– both land and sea– without exhausting yourself with the traditional hiking route or boat ride.

The SUP glides across water effortlessly – allowing you to take in all the stunning scenery from a higher viewpoint you while staying dry and looking cool!

For those who prefer swimming over traversing land, there are plenty of opportunities for diving into some refreshing ocean water along your journey. Don’t worry if you’re new to balancing on a board; there’s something here for everyone at every level.

Start out by kneeling comfortably on your board– before building up enough courage to stand up entirely! Our expert guides can also show some fancy footwork, super skills and neat tricks! 

If you can already SUP and you want to become an instructor, get in contact as we run SUP coach and new SUP Instructor courses.