Young Family Trips


An action-packed trip along the Dorset coast with lots of fun challenges!



Family Day Out In Dorset –  Sea Kayaking Fun With The Kids!

A sea kayaking adventure is an unforgettable family activity! Adventures will include paddling to hidden lagoons and picnicking on beautiful sandy beaches. It’s also a great opportunity to see the coast up close and personal – watch their excitement as they explore the wonders of the coast, which also has plenty of opportunities for wildlife sightings.

Half Or Full Day, Which Should I Choose?

A Half Day Trip will give you a small taste of what Sea Kayaking really entails. Check out the different types of trips that we offer below!

If you go for the full day tour, it means more chances to see wildlife, explore the coast, master your kayak and enjoy a unique picnic spot.

Half-day trips are common for most people who have children, but what about those who want a more fulfilling day experience? You can’t beat our full day excursions!

Where You Go & What You See…

Why not see some of the best parts of the shoreline from your kayak? Our kayaks are easy to use and perfect for children. Your little ones can easily paddle just as fast as you or even faster because they can sit closer to the front in our double kayaks. Let them take in all the excitement around them because you won’t want to miss out on what they see!

Happy Enthusiastic Instructors

Our team members never run out of energy and are smart about working with children so there won’t be a single moment when you don’t have a good time! You may find a fossil, eat spaghetti seaweed or jump from height into the sea. There will be places only accessible by kayak for you to explore.


The Jurassic coast is famous for fossils, who knows what you might discover?

Kelly Kettles

Our experts make sure to take care of every detail, including stopping when we find ourselves on a remote beach. There, you’ll learn how to light a fire without fail; lighting it with the most primitive tool – which makes for great fun! We can then use the Kelly kettle to make a hot drink. No matter if you’re here for just half day or an entire day. If you want to learn more about bushcraft why not book one of our family wild camps.

Specialist Gear For Kids

For your kids, we offer a variety of sized kayaks so that they can enjoy water sports at their own pace. Older children who want to do more adventurous activities will be able to comfortably fit in our stable and durable double kayaks while the younger ones can sit safely in the front. For the little ones, we have a section specifically dedicated for them where you can find kid-sized kayak life vests or Mini Kits made especially just for them!

The Perfect Location

With stunning scenery and endless exciting places to explore, Dorset is one of the best places to Sea Kayak anywhere in the UK.  

The famous Isle of Portland with it’s huge harbour offers calm sheltered kayaking. Out along the coast, there is so much to explore. Your adventure awaits!

Young & Old!

If you’re looking for an adventure this summer then sea kayaking could be just what you need. No matter what age, we have tours which are suitable for adults only or ones where adults and children can come along at the same time. So bring mom, dad, grandma and grandpa along – everyone will have an awesome time!

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