Level 1 Sea Kayaking


Learn To Kayak

If you are someone who has never set foot in a kayak before, then there is no better way to start than at the Level 1 Kayaking course.

Course Content 

We offer a variety of courses tailored to people who have different interests. Typically, the Level 1 course covers things like:

  • How to launch and land your kayak 
  • Basic kayak control & paddling techniques
  • How to help your friends back into their kayak if it capsizes
  • Learn the basics of how to predict the tide and plan a journey  
  • Certification – Awarded by Britsh Canoeing (Internationally Recognised) 

The coastline around Dorset gives us easy access to sheltered coves with gentle tides that always allows us to find appropriate locations for the skill level of the group. If it looks like it’s going to be a bit too rough out at sea you will explore one of the many beautiful sheltered spots that can be found here. This lets you build your confidence on the water whilst enjoying your day. 

The Right Level For Me?

If you’re new to kayaking or are looking for a relaxing experience, this course is perfect. You’ll learn all about safety, paddling techniques and just how much fun kayaking can be!

2 Day – Vs – 5 Day Courses

Our standard 2-day course is packed full of information and top coaching that will help you learn new skills and gain knowledge. You will get to enjoy the classic Sea Kayaking on offer around Dorset. On our 5-day course, you will do a deep dive into the world of Sea Kayaking. You’ll get to plan trips and launch from a variety of different places along the coast. Everyday will be an epic adventure that you’ll never forget.

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