Coastal Discovery (Full Day)

A classic day’s Sea Kayaking. Escape the crowds on a coastline rich in wildlife.

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A Classic, Real Sea Kayaking Experience!

Come explore the vastness of our waters with one of our kayaks! Whether you’re an expert or novice, we have an exciting variety just waiting for you.

Beyond the walls

On a full day out it is likely we will take you beyond the harbour walls to enjoy spectacular scenery and exciting paddling and great picnic spots.  Options are weather dependent and may include:

  • To chequered fort, through the north entrance to Newtons cove (great swimming) and the beautiful Nothe fort.
  • Way up the fleet lagoon with a swim off Chesil beach.
  • Through the southern entrance and along the side of Portland to Church ope cove and the pirates graveyard.
  • Meet you at one of alternative venues such as Ringsted, Chesil, Kimmeridge or Studland

One of the best things about kayaking is eating lunch at a quiet and secluded spot. Try foraging for food, swim in the water, build a stone stack or just relax!

Give Yourself Time To Enjoy The Journey

You’ll have no trouble seeing everything when you stay for the day.

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