Wild Camping

Fully Catered Kayak Camping Adventures

This might just be your ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Get ready for an adventurous summer break with these unforgettable days you’ll never forget!

It feels freeing to sit in my kayak when it silently slides along the water, knowing I have all of my needs with me while being completely independent from civilization for the next few days.

The Experience

Feel the adrenaline rush as you add your gear to your kayak and start setting out on an adventure with all of the supplies you’ll need to feel fulfilled for a few days. The Sea Kayak takes you around remote areas that other boats cannot go to. You can spend time fishing, swimming or seeing wildlife; then make it back to camp.

A Sea kayak… The Perfect Craft

With a Sea Kayak you can explore the land while feeling like you’re still on the water. You’ll find hidden beaches, caverns and archways that were made just for those who want to escape from reality without losing touch with it completely. All you need is a kayak – nothing else matters here but what you choose to do next.


What’s Included?

Our fully catered camps provide every comfort so you can feel good while staying outside for two days. We offer kayaking equipment, but also tents, inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags, headlamps and cooking utensils. And best of all – there’s plenty of great food waiting for you!

What Do I Need?

You can turn up in shorts, t-shirts, and a warm change of clothes and we’ll sort the rest! You don’t need any previous experience and we provide all the food and camping gear; we’re always welcoming if you want to bring some of your favourite belongings. Just remember to pack a bottle of wine or beer to drink with us around the fire.

How Much Can The Kayak Carry? 

Travelling by kayak makes for an easy time carrying heavy loads. A full pack is never fun when hiking in the wild, but with such transport, you won’t even break a sweat. It also makes it easier to enjoy the scenery while sailing through water; going from one spot to another without having to put any effort at all!

There are a total of 120 litres of space available in each kayak. On top of the dry storage, there is also space that is not completely water tight which can be found on the deck and cockpit area. The hatch to enter these spaces aren’t very large so it may take some time packing your items while keeping everything organized, but we provide plenty of waterproof bags just for this purpose!

Food & The Menu

One of the highlights of your trip will be deliciously made food.  Everything is freshly handmade to order and with only the best quality ingredients. Putting together a feast on a beach is fun, but our kayak guides are here to help organize the cooking and set up camp for you too – they’ll even teach you new tips so that living in style in the wild becomes easy breezy!