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This 2-day trip will bring you through some of the world’s most pristine and untouched regions as you explore these beautiful waters. Regardless if this is your first time in a kayak or you are an expert, we have what it takes to ensure that your experience here leaves nothing but good memories.



Day 1 

Load your kayak, head out to the waterside and explore what it has to offer. You’ll come across many different types of sites and creatures – including a hidden gem or two that you might find when you’re there. Use this time to kick back and relax or take some memorable pictures of whatever catches your eye-or if you want to get really adventurous! Bring lunch with you (or something simple for dinner) for an enjoyable break. When night falls, make yourself at home wherever you feel like setting up camp, because who knows where tomorrow will take us?


Be free in a kayak and reach destinations that are far away but close enough to feel a sense of intimacy. You will never experience this level of joy if you choose to stay at home – because there is no better feeling than being out there; watching the sunset while listening to the waves playfully roll ashore.

Camp Craft 

Setting up camp on a deserted island after fishing for the day is quite satisfying. Your expert guide will do everything from showing you how to set up your own tent to helping you fillet and cook any fresh fish. At dinner time, he will provide detailed instruction on cooking over an open fire and even give lessons in catching sardines in the evening if needed! We’ve provided you with one of our 1-, 2- or 3-man tents so make sure to bring something warm enough to sleep in, but why not take the opportunity while camping by building your own shelter with some sticks and leaves?

Day 2

An early morning swim in the sun before breakfast will kick off a successful day. Eat an eggy bacon sandwich and enjoy some great kayaking as well. Come evening, there’s plenty of time to do what you want because we’ll be done when you are – but don’t forget to return around 3 PM!

Is This The Right Trip For Me?

Dorset is a magnificent place for kayaking. You’ll be amazed at how majestic the landscape will look while you’re out there exploring! With plenty of opportunity to explore even if you’ve never done it before, there’s nothing stopping you from getting out there and taking a trip down memory lane while discovering what new things are around every corner.

Kit Lists

We supply everything from kits to kayaks and camping gear. However, we recommend packing a spare change of clothes in case anything happens during your stay – from snacks to extra layers. In addition, we suggest bringing a bottle of wine or beer with you so that you can relax while sitting around the campfire at night.

Gear & Clothing Checklist

Self-Catered Options

If you’re seasoned outdoor enthusiasts with all your own kit and don’t mind sorting the logistics of getting your own food, then we can offer you a self-catered option. We can even rent you any kit that you don’t already have. 

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