Level 4 – Advanced Sea Kayak Course


This Level 4 Advanced Sea Kayak Course for experienced paddlers who what high-end coaching to help them advance their skills. The South West is possibly one of the worlds premier locations for advanced Sea Paddlers and our coaches know how to get the most out of the environment.


Course Content

We tailor each course to suit your needs and meet the aspirations of the group. We know that when you are performing at a high level, you need quality individual feedback in order to improve. As a guide, a Level 4 course can look at any of these subjects: 

  • Analysing your paddling to work out how best to improve your performance
  • Incident management 
  • Decision making and leadership
  • Rescue and emergency procedures 
  • Rough water handling and strategy
  • Tidal planning 
  • Open water crossings 
  • Deck based navigation 
  • How to get the most out of your Equipment
With direct access to some of the best coastline in the South West, and a huge selection of possibilities to let you test your skills, our Advanced Courses will enable you to expand your horizons. With a huge selection of top kit you can get stuck into a very memorable experience and take your paddling to the next level.   

The Right Level For Me?

You should be an active and experienced sea paddler; over the years you should have undertaken some longer and more challenging expeditions. You should already have the ability to be an active part of the group and know how to help others if they get into difficulty. You should already be able to roll or self-rescue. We will be looking for conditions where you can test your skills so you will get the most out of the course if you are keen to challenge yourself. You should be happy in Force 4+ conditions and launching/landing through surf.  

2 Day – Vs – 5 Day Courses

Our standard 2-day course is packed full of information and top coaching that will help you learn new skills and gain knowledge.  On our 5-day course, you will do a deep dive into the world of Sea Kayaking. You will get to plan trips and launch from a variety of remote locations. 

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